Project Veritas Exposes Biden Regime Child Trafficking Scheme. Leftist MSM: ‘Meh’
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The leftist Mainstream Media are ignoring Project Veritas’ two-part series on the Biden Regime’s child sex and cheap-labor trafficking scheme, which is almost too awful to believe.

 “The tax dollars of people who are listening [to her interview] are paying to put children in the hands of criminals,” whistleblower Tara Lee Rodas told Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe [Department of Health And Human Services Insider Says Government Complicit In Trafficking, Child Admits Being ‘Pimped’ By Sponsor, November 29, 2022].

Rodas, who works for the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity & Efficiency, explained that the Regime places unaccompanied illegal-alien kids with sex predators. Project Veritas sent a Spanish-speaking reporter to Texas to prove it. Disgusting doesn’t describe it. A 16-year-old girl was pimped to who knows how many men before she escaped her “aunt” and “sponsor.”

The “sponsors” aren’t citizens, Rodas explained. The regime simply pushes as many kids out of its custody as possible. Officials don’t care who takes the kids.

 When Rodas complained, a regime official answered this way:

Tara, I think you need to understand that we only get sued if we keep kids in care too long. We don’t get sued by traffickers. Are you clear? We don’t get sued by traffickers.

Part 2 discloses the child cheap-labor trafficking [Traffickers Exploiting Illegal Child Labor with Social Security Fraud, November 30, 2022].

One illegal said he was forced to buy fake a Social Security card so he could work. Another described 10-hour shifts starting at 4 p.m. A third said that the kids must work “wherever they take you.”

Of course, Biden’s MSM Information Ministry doesn’t care.

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