Presidential Hopeful Mitch Daniels Touts For Treason Lobby Support
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As readers know, I greatly respect the news sense of The Drudge Report. That is why I was appalled to see it taking would-be scalawag Haley Barbour’s Presidential ambitions seriously.

I am equally appalled to see on Wednesday to see Drudge linking to Tully: Will Daniels seek presidency? Sounds like it by Matthew Tully April 13 2011

Daniels eagerly fielded questions about the idea of running for president during a meeting with The Indianapolis Star's Editorial Board on Tuesday afternoon...His answers made clear what we already knew — that he is giving the question deep thought

Without Drudge, one could have hoped this was just hometown pride.

How has Daniels burnished his credentials to be President this week? By calling for Indiana’s Arizona-style Immigration bill SB590 to be defanged:

Senate Bill 590, as passed by the Senate earlier this session, would have made Indiana the second state in the nation after Arizona to put immigration enforcement in the hands of local law enforcement…
"I think that legislation will be changed," Daniels said in a wide-ranging interview with The Indianapolis Star Editorial Board. "I support this, to drop the law enforcement provisions that have been the ones that have bothered most people."

Daniels: Immigration bill should focus on employers By Mary Beth Schneider April 13, 2011

By declining to enforce legal residency requirements but simply having some wrist-slapping for employers, the Indiana legislation will do nothing to slow the immigration inundation of the state. As our friend Federale has frequently demonstrated, the Obama ICE operatives take no action against the illegals flushed out by employer investigations.

And today we learn that Daniels got his way

Indiana House committee OKs weakened immigration bill by Heather Gillers April 15, 2011

A House committee voted 6-5 this morning to approve a stripped-down immigration bill that would no longer task police with enforcing immigration law…. Among those pushing for the changes was Gov. Mitch Daniels.

What Daniels is doing here is loudly telling the Treason Lobby, GOP Division, that he is their man. Sort of the domestic policy version of going to Israel. No doubt lavish funding offers and MSM coddling will ensue.

He has disqualified himself from being America’s man.

H/T One Old Vet

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