Terrorist Attack on the Royal Wedding?
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Across the pond in the Mother Country, the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is scheduled for April 29th. Congratulations and Best Wishes to William and Kate. I wish them well.

Millions of people worldwide are interested in the wedding, including (though for a different reason) Muslim agitator Anjem Choudary, who actually resides (and agitates) in England.

As reported by the Daily Mail Militant Muslim Warns Royal Wedding Terror Attack is ´Highly Likely' ( April 1st, 2011):

Firebrand cleric Anjem Choudary has warned that a terror attack is 'highly likely' at the Royal wedding. The hate preacher has told all Muslims to stay away from Westminster Abbey on April 29, describing it as 'a prime target'. Choudary has also been preaching to followers of the hate group, Muslims Against Crusades, and is backing its plan for a 'forceful demonstration' at the wedding.

Choudary said: 'All Muslims should stay away from the public gatherings like the Royal wedding and the Olympics because there is a very high likelihood of an attack.

'Prime targets most probably would be public gatherings like that, so I think Muslims in general should stay away to avoid injury. 'Maybe when the priest says "is there anyone who objects to this wedding speak now or forever hold your tongue" - who knows what will happen at that time?

Choudary is predicting such an attack, not as a warning of something be avoided, but as something to be applauded!

'If my brothers decide to use the opportunity when the world is looking at the Royal Family to pass a message so that we can avoid more deaths of innocent men, women and children in Afghanistan, that should be applauded.

'Prince William has been on military duty in Afghanistan, as well as his brother.

'I believe that the Queen and her children are supportive of the war in Afghanistan, which translates to us as a war against Muslims.' He added: 'We believe this is complete murder and mayhem that they have orchestrated. We will stand against and expose anyone who supports that.

'Security services in this country will tell you there is very high risk (of a terror attack). That is their main concern about the wedding.'

Choudary has been right about this before:

In 2004 Choudary said a terror attack on British soil was 'just a matter of time' and after the [2005] London bombings he refused to condemn the atrocities.

He became leader of Islam4UK but it was banned last year under the Terrorism Act 2000.

Now a new group has emerged in its place and Choudary admits he is involved.

Muslims Against Crusades is attracting the same fanatics who caused uproar with their planned protest at Wootten Bassett.

They sparked outrage when they demonstrated on Armistice Day, burning poppies during the two-minute silence.

Armistice Day is what we Americans call Veterans Day.

The group has set up a website with a clock counting down to the Royal wedding, calling the Royal Family 'enemies to Allah and his messenger'.

Choudhary says the disruption to the Royal wedding could include hardliners from the group setting fire to Union Jack flags.

He said: 'It's not illegal in this country to burn a Union Jack. There may be placards and people addressing the crowd.

'A lot of them are former students of mine. Also they were previously with al-Muhajiroun so I do know them. I'm not their spokesman but they invite me from time to time.

'Some of them of them still have very similar views but they have their own administration and their own activities.

'I do appear on some of their platforms to speak but I'm not involved in organizing.

'They're a good bunch of people and I think what they say is the truth.

'We live here under the covenant of security and in return for being protected we don't target the lives of the people where we live.

What's that supposed to mean? They don't target British people? But of course he won't condemn terrorist attacks.

'I don't advocate anyone to try any operations of violence here but this is supposed to be a country where people believe in freedom of expression. I think people should express their freedom to loathe the monarchy and what they stand for.'

And commit terrorist attacks?

The 44-year-old solicitor from East London first joined Islamist organisation al-Muhajiroun in the late 90s and acted as right-hand man to extremist cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed, as well as spokesman for the organisation.

What did Choodary say about the Twin Tower attacks of 2001?

After the disbanding of al-Muhajiroun in 2004, he spoke in praise of Muslim terrorists, calling the 9/11 terrorists 'magnificent martyrs'.

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said, in reference to burning the Union flag, that any words or behaviour likely to cause 'harrassment, alarm or distress' to a reasonable person could be dealt with under public order legislation - as with the poppy burning incident. He added: 'When planning for major events the threat or terrorism is always a consideration. The Royal wedding is no exception to this.'

If Britain hadn't allowed mass immigration of Muslims. they wouldn't be having this problem.

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