President Bush reads VDARE.COM! (But does he understand?)
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Today's radio spot by President Bush was a clear sign of weakness from the White House. On a day when the top priority of his actual Administration is clearly figuring out how to get away with invading Syria, he had to devote his weekly radio address to misrepresenting what has been done about policing the American border on his watch.

VDARE.COM readers will be particularly amused by this sign of real knowledge:

"we're capturing many more non-Mexican illegal immigrants than we can send home....we lack space in our detention facilities to hold them until they are removed... non-Mexicans who are caught entering our country illegally are given a slip that tells them to come back for a court appearance. Most never show up. And then they disappear back into the shadows of our communities. This is called "catch-and-release," and it is unacceptable."

VDARE.COM's Juan Mann played a key part in outing this outrage. The White House is late and, more important:


Are we listening to a powerless commentator or THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES?


The President tries to pretend something is being done at the crucial employer level

"our immigration laws are enforced at work sites. America is a country of laws; we must not allow dishonest employers to flout those laws. So we've doubled the resources for work site enforcement since 2004. "

We have? Where are the prosecutions? And given the scale of the problem, how about a 10 fold increase? 20 fold?

Other than the cheap labor lobby and the Change America crowd, who is against decisive action?

Whoever it is is is not flinching. President Bush repeated that the country requires:

"...a temporary worker program. If an employer has a job that no American is willing to take, we need to find a way to fill that demand by matching willing employers with willing workers from foreign countries on a temporary and legal basis. I'll work with members of Congress to create a program that will provide for our economy's labor needs ..."

Apparently, GW's VDARE.COM reading has not included Nathaniel Parker's crucial essay on the Nation Changers' jugular (it is a long piece.) No mention of dealing with Birthright Citizenship - a vital safguard in any Temporary Worker program and the acid test of sincerity for any new friend of immigration reform.

No problem. Syrian restaurants are just what we need.

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