Alabama Tea Party
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I am remiss in my blogging, immigration crime-fighting being a time consuming task here in Georgiafornia. More on that later.

In many areas of the country, political correctness, laziness and fear of being labeled as un-American - or worse - can have a negative effect on assembling some of the 80% of Americans who take the position that we should secure our borders and enforce out laws.

In Alabama…not so much.

Last Saturday, in Birmingham, 1500 Americans gathered under one roof to make their own position crystal clear. I love typing that…1500 Americans rallied last week in Alabama.

The occasion was the “Alabama Tea Party”, organized and staged by husband and wife morning drive time radio team Russ and Dee Fine of the “Russ and Dee Show.”

From here in Marietta, we tip our hat, with gratitude, to Russ and Dee Fine for organizing the very successful event; it was a masterstroke of planning and patriotism.

An added bonus…watching 1500 of his neighbors loudly boo the mere mention of Morris Dees’s name - less than one hundred miles from the slick parasitic huckster’s estate – it was an absolute hoot.

Thanks Russ and Dee!

It was interesting to note the Birmingham News’ coverage of the day’s activities…it gave an accurate, if brief, account of the “Tea Party”, and shared it with a report of a “Cultural Festival” being held not far away.

The News failed to list the speakers, so I will point them out here: and add my friend, Erin Anderson, who did her usual terrific job.

The impact of so many people making their voices heard cannot be overstated, and does not go un-noticed in the re-election campaign offices of sitting Congressional Representatives.

From the Birmingham News; Cultural festival, rally spotlight illegal immigrants October 16, 2005, by Dawn Kent

“Dancers dressed in colorful native costumes from Latin American countries swung gaily in step with a fast-paced drumbeat Saturday in Linn Park, celebrating Hispanic culture and heritage.

A few blocks away, red, white and blue balloons were the backdrop for a flag-waving crowd who gathered to rally against the tax burden and job losses they attribute to an influx of illegal immigrants.”

One must have a daily exposure to our local paper here in Georgia to imagine how differently the Atlanta Journal Constitution would have written up the story.

If they would have at all.

An interesting observation from someone who has attended many events like the “Cultural Festival”: most of the “businesses” that set up tables and displays are banks and credit card companies looking to cash in on the presence of the area’s illegal aliens…there is un-tapped gold in these oppressed willing workers.

“Nonprofit organizations and businesses also were on hand to offer information to Hispanics about health care, education, mortgages and insurance”.

No mention of the federal laws being violated by further profiting from the illegals.

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