Main Stream Media wakes up to OTM scandal
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In early April, VDARE.COM's Juan Mann gave the first substantial publicity to the "Other than Mexican" scandal, the "catch and release" policy which has in effect turned the Border Patrol into immigration expeditors. There is indeed no clearer proof that the George W. Bush Administration has abandoned enforcement of immigration law.

Something about this blatant neglect of duty has caught the imagination of the MSM. A recent issue of Business Week has a fine story featuring it [Go Back To Where You Came From , by Paul Magnusson Business Week July 4 2005]. It also mentions the heroic police effort in New Hampshire and identifies:

a fast-spreading grassroots backlash whose message to Washington is simple: Seal the borders from illegal immigration, or we'll take matters into our own hands...The longer Washington continues its finger-in-the-dike strategy, the more heartland voters are likely to insist that immigration is indeed a local matter.

The Associated Press has produced two long stories documenting the absurd situation this negligence has caused. US Policy Lets Illegal Immigrants Go - Pauline Arrillaga AP July 3rd 2005 is a full, detailed, and nauseating discussion:

This group consists of one Honduran, six Brazilians and the rest Costa Ricans.
They're passive, patient _ not at all bothered at being apprehended by immigration officers... They're depending on the very system charged with capturing unlawful entrants to help them go free

Pipelines Send Illegal Immigrants to U.S. - Pauline Arrilaga and Olga P. Rodriguez AP July2 2005 is focussed on the role of ethnic smuggling groups, featuring in this case a Lebanese resident of Mexico.

Various versions of these stories have appeared in a number of newspapers.

Most astonishing of all, The New York Times produced its own version: Brazilians Streaming Into US Through Mexican Border Larry Rohter June 30 2005. This intelligent story points out that Brazil is quite prosperous and it is relatively well-qualified people who are leaving.

One sure sign that "making America" has entered the popular imagination is that in March, Brazil's largest television network began broadcasting a soap opera called "America," which follows a young woman's efforts to get to the United States through Mexico and to adjust to life in Florida.Experts disagree about whether it is encouraging Brazilians to head north, but more than 40 million people are watching nightly...American authorities report increases in illegal immigration from all of Brazil's southern, more prosperous states. "It is as if we have infected other regions with the migratory virus," said Weber Soares, a research specialist in immigration issues at the Vale do Rio Doce University in Governador Valadares.

MEMO to Karl Rove (if not too busy outing CIA agents): If the MSM has noticed this, can the Democrats be far behind?

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