POWERLINE's "Deep Secrets Of Racial Profiling"—The Secret Turns Out To Be "Behavioral Disparities", But Not, Apparently, Genetic Disparities
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I've just noticed that Powerline's Scott Johnson did an entire series of blog posts in 2015 called "Deep Secrets Of Racial Profiling". It's got some useful stuff in it, but betrays a neoconservative blind spot.

This from post 10, the second from the last:

The deepest secret of the campaign against law enforcement in the name of racial disparities is this one: behavioral disparities account for the racial disparities. Huge differences in crime rates between and among groups sorted by race permeate the relevant data. John Diiulio put it concisely in a notable 1996 City Journal essay: “If blacks are overrepresented in the ranks of the imprisoned, it is because blacks are overrepresented in the criminal ranks—and the violent criminal ranks, at that.”

What is the cause of the large racial differences in crime rates? The answer must vary to some extent by group and lie in a combination of history, sociology, psychology, and culture. [Emphasis added]

Something large has been left out that list—genetics. Genetics is the difference between races, after all.

Somali immigrants may come from stable four and even five parent families because of polygamy, instead of the one-parent families caused by welfare. Haitian immigrants have a completely different history and sociology from American blacks, because of Haiti's long term independence.

Immigrants from other African countries have their own separate histories, languages, and culture, but they all have higher crime rates than American whites. Some of them have higher crime rates than American blacks.

If you're seeking for a definitely non-genetic cause for differential racial behavior, explain that.


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