"Potentially 14,000 Migrants A Day"— Biden Regime In Panic Mode At The Border
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The Biden Regime is in a panic over its ongoing amnesty at the border. Sources tell me that Operation Expanded Impact (OEI), the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) operation to support U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at the border, is expanding, with the number of ICE SVU Special Agents and ICE Enforcement And Removal Operations (ERO) assigned to the border is being expanded by five times the currently assigned agents and officers. Basically the interior of the United States is being denuded of ICE agents and officers for the sole purpose of processing the thousands surrendering themselves at the border.

The Biden Regime is expecting things to get much worse, internal predictions are that 14,000 illegal aliens will present themselves after illegally crossing the border for processing. This does not include those illegal aliens not surrendering voluntarily, which will also be in the thousands daily, but whom the U.S. Border Patrol will be ignoring because they, and ICE, will be processing other illegal aliens.

The Biden Regime is in a panic, while many have welcomed the illegal aliens as part of their political program, for both as potential voters and as the foot soldiers on replacing the white population of the United States, others in the Regime think that the optics are bad and are busily devising a scheme to legalize the illegal alien flood by redirecting the illegal aliens to ostensibly legal programs to enter the United States, the examples being the parole amnesty for Ukrainians, Venezuelans, previously deported aliens, and Central American Minors (CAM).

The possibility of 14,000 migrant crossings a day is pushing the Biden administration toward a new rule that would severely limit migrants’ ability to qualify for asylum at the southern border, Axios has learned.

Why it matters: Officials are concerned that Border Patrol stations will face acute overcrowding and Department of Homeland Security resources will be overwhelmed when the pandemic-era Title 42 policy ends on Dec. 21, according to sources familiar with the plans.

Driving the news: Title 42, implemented during the Trump administration and extended by President Biden, allows for the rapid expulsion of migrants and asylum seekers at the border. It’s scheduled to be lifted in less than two weeks, barring last-minute court intervention.

[Biden Braces For Potentially 14,000 Migrants A Day, by Stef Kight, Axios, December 13, 2022]

The Biden Regime does not want to stop the flow, it just wants to end the bad optics of the open border. Instead of video of tens of thousands of illegal aliens crossing the border, the Regime wants to redirect the flow to “legal” programs, with the aliens crossing in secret on commercial flights, much like the policy of redistributing the current illegal entrants via midnight charter flights. Instead of wetbacks crossing the Rio Grande, the Biden Regime will be telling the illegal aliens that there will be a parole program for them, so cut it out with the bad optics.

The Regime is planning restrictions on asylum for public consumption, boob-bait-for-bubbas. The Regime moppet, Karine Jean-Pierre, has admitted so.

“The Administration is committed to continuing to secure our borders while maintaining safe, orderly and humane processing of migrants. This will remain the case when Title 42 is lifted,” Jean-Pierre said.

But by legal, they just mean an illegal use of parole authority to bring into the United States aliens otherwise ineligible for Lawful Permanent Residence or even Non-Immigrant status, i.e., aliens that are ineligible for green cards or temporary visitor visas.

The new strategy for Venezuelans and Ukrainians offers new—and legal—pathways for people fleeing their home countries, paired with stricter consequences for attempting to cross the border illegally.

  • NBC News reported Tuesday that the administration was also solidifying plans to cut the number of people who qualify for asylum while considering expanding pathways to parole for Nicaraguans, Haitians and Cubans.

Details: The new rule is still in the process of being finalized but would lead to people being considered ineligible for asylum (as was previously reported by Axios) unless they meet any of the following criteria:

  • Applied for legal pathways to the U.S. like refugee status or new parole processes, such as the one created for Venezuelans in October.
  • First sought protection in a country they had to travel through to get to the U.S.
  • Scheduled a meeting at a legal entry point ahead of time through an app run by border authorities—brand new process.
  • Are facing extreme circumstances, such as a medical emergency or other immediate, severe harm.

So, the Biden Regime is selling a plan to ostensibly restrict applications for asylum by illegal aliens, but then offering those same illegal aliens a manner in which to enter “legally.” And this is a bait-and-switch designed to deceive the American people. Any limitations have exemptions wide enough for any illegal alien who cries loud enough.

Note that just a few short months ago, the Biden Regime was claiming that asylum applications by illegal aliens was both legal and a moral imperative. Now that the public relations is getting worse, it is changing its tune, but only for public consumption. The underlying policy is amnesty by any means, in this case using parole as a new form of an Immigrant Visa (IV).

Of course, the Biden Regime could just implement Remain-In-Mexico, the idea I gave to the Trump Administration. A Federal judge has just ordered its re-implementation. But that would not bring in as many illegal aliens to elect a new people, so that is out even though it has been ordered by a Federal judge.


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