Pop Smoke: Aspiring Rappers Versus Expiring Rappers
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Crime isn’t hugely high in Southern California at the moment *, so the local police blotter tends to be dominated by news of aspiring rappers doing in expiring rappers, such as last year’s World’s Most Important Man Nipsey Hussle and now Pop Smoke. From the L.A. Times:

Rapper Pop Smoke gunned down in Hollywood Hills home

Pop Smoke, a rising New York rapper, was found with fatal gunshot wounds at a home in the Hollywood Hills early Wednesday, authorities said.
FEB. 19, 2020 4:04 PM

A group of people, including one wearing a mask and armed with a handgun, burst into a posh Hollywood Hills home early Wednesday and fatally shot up-and-coming rapper Pop Smoke, police said.

Investigators suspect the home where the rapper was staying was targeted by the assailants. In recent years, Los Angeles homes being rented by musicians have been the targets of several home invasions, according to law enforcement sources.

Investigators are aware that the rapper may have inadvertently posted an image with the home’s address on social media, the sources said.

Pop Smoke also had been tied by officials to the Crips street gang, and detectives suspected the assailants were probably gang members.

*One reason the crime rate isn’t all that high is because Los Angeles County has a black lady district attorney Jackie Lacey. So the Soros folks are trying to do something about that by importing white male San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon to run against Lacey.

See, Lacey is a black lady district attorney who doesn’t like crime.

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