Poll: U.S. Minorities Not Embracing Diversity
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Diversity, peace and love, etc. may have sounded like a swell idea in the beginning, but the whole ideology has not been working out so well in actual practice. A poll taken by an ethnic media conglomerate reveals the ugly truth: all these diverse people don't much like each other.

What a shock, right?

However, one not-so-nice aspect lurking in the background of the diversity spiel was how many proponents believed that blacks could join hands with ethnic immigrants (like Mexicans) to smack down whitey. Then a perfect rainbow society could be allowed to bloom. Sure.

In fact, Hispanics have been far better enemies than allies to American blacks. In LA, Hispanic hoodlums routinely target random blacks: Mexican Gangs’ Ethnic Cleansing of Black Americans in Los Angeles. An innocent 14-year-old girl, Cheryl Green, was murdered by a couple of Hispanic gang-bangers looking to be seen as tough guys.

That's the street-level reality in large parts of the most diverse major city in the most diverse state.

In addition, with millions more taking from a shrinking economic pie, the pieces are getting smaller. It's a perfect recipe for group conflict, even without cultural differences. What's the surprise?

The three main minorities in the United States — blacks, Hispanics and Asians — have little trust for each other and hold prejudiced views about Americans of different ethnic origins to their own, a poll showed Wednesday.

"This extraordinary poll reveals some unflattering realities that exist in America today," said Sandy Close, head of New America Media (NAM) which sponsored the poll together with ethnic media groups.

Forty-four percent of Hispanics and 47 percent of Asians are "afraid of African-Americans because they are responsible for most of the crime," the survey of 1,105 adults drawn from the three ethnic groups showed.

More than half of black Americans polled and 46 percent of Hispanics said Asian business owners do not treat them with respect. [US minorities don't trust each other AFP December 12, 2007]

Anyway, the kumbaya vision of diversity will never happen because human beings are tribal in nature, and strongly prefer to associate with others who share their values. Of course, a national community can and does include members of various races. But the poll shows in yet another way that America is becoming overwhelmed by immigrants who are only here for the money, and care zip about becoming Americans.

For that reason alone, Washington should end immigration for a couple decades at least, if not permanently, to allow the process of assimilation to take hold again.

See also the NAM's reporting on its own poll, Ethnic Media Take On Race Challenge. They believe their little newspapers can re-educate the readers into politically correct views of diversity — how arrogant and downright loony.

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