Politico Trashes Florida's Governor Scott - Forgets Reagan Example
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I find the Politico website an indispensible source, but sadly it is increasingly becoming an MSM clone in its eagerness to stage and manage news - as I noted of their recent Puff for Senator Rubio.

Another example is President Obama's secret weapon in Florida: Rick Scott By GLENN THRUSH & BYRON TAU | 5/30/11

This is basically a cheerleading performance for Florida’s Democrats, with the theme that Florida’s new Governor is terminally unpopular.

In reality, Governor Scott’s situation is closely parallel to President Reagan in his first term, in that he has inherited a mess and has taken strong measures. Reagan inherited 15 years of weak and irresponsible Washington behavior over inflation and he dealt with it by giving Federal Reserve chief Paul Volcker (a Democrat) his head. It cost the Republicans dearly in the 1982 election but it worked, was followed the Democratic massacre of 1984 and banished the problem for a generation. Scott is taking a similarly strong stand, and it is strangely jejune of supposedly professional observers to ignore the possibility he might be successful.

Of course, Reagan did have an advantage: he was able to get his Supply Side Tax cuts through, which greatly heartened and energized his supporters. Governor Scott similarly, was elected on popular proposals for dealing with the socially destructive immigration Tsunami which has devastated Florida — but the recklessly selfish GOP Cheap Labor Lobby blocked him. The Politico writers fail to grasp what this means.

But the article is worthwhile, because it is explicit about how the Democrats look to win in Florida: get out the Jews, the Blacks and (if they can figure out how to fool them) the Hispanics. The Debbie Wasserman Shultz approach -she is extensively quoted. Demonizing a white Protestant fits right in.

But Reagan’s trek to the Presidency is relevant to the Scott story in another way too — the contrast between the Florida and North Carolina Primaries in 1976.

Reagan lost in Florida because the Hacks and Wonks who surrounded him — as any promising candidate — let him be cast as unreliable on Social Security. Then as now, Florida was heavily laden with self-centered elderly voters with limited interest in the future of the country. Medicare 2011, anyone? The fifth loss in a row, Florida looked like the end. Ronald Reagan was saved — and arguably the Cold War won — because Jesse Helms and his men took control of the campaign in North Carolina and recast it terms of national security.

Back then the key problem was that Russia wanted to rule the world, and the Democrats were willing to connive. Now the issue is that a coalition of minorities wants to rule the country for their benefit and the Democrats want to be their vehicle. The Republican Establishment might not like being the party of the Whites, but that is what History has dictated. And the underlying key issue is nation-breaking immigration.

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