Politico Puffs Rubio - But Sessions Better!
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The Politico webzine has published a Puff piece for new Florida Senator Marco Rubio: Marco Rubio takes a hard line on immigration By Scott Wong 5/23/11

Freshman Sen. Marco Rubio is often billed as the answer to the Republican's Hispanic problem
But since stepping onto the national stage last year, Rubio has taken a hard right turn on immigration that could drive away the very Hispanic voters Republicans need to win the White House in 2012.
Hispanic and immigration activists had held out hope that with the election behind him, Rubio might return to some of the more moderate positions he staked out as a state lawmaker. Instead, they're now seething after Rubio hardened his opposition to the DREAM Act and continues to repeat the harsh rhetoric of the right wing, dismissing anything other than border and workplace enforcement as "amnesty" for illegal immigrants.

Sounds pretty good! (In fairness to Scott Wong, whose work is generally simple-minded open-borders cheerleading, he may not realize what he has done. His editors probably do. I think Politico is invaluable, but it is perceptibly assimilating to the Inside the Beltway MSM, with its tradition of news management, as demonstrated by the recent non-hiring of Pat Buchanan.)


Rubio has a lot of ground to make up. His history on the issue is rotten, as the article itself notes:

...as a state lawmaker in 2003 and 2004, Rubio co-sponsored a bill providing an in-state tuition break for high-achieving children of illegal immigrants. As speaker of the Florida House, Rubio blocked several bills from coming to the floor, saying it was Washington's responsibility to solve the immigration problem.

There is an extremely serious danger that the credulous GOP Establishment will propel Rubio into national office. Patriots reading this should consider: Rubio may be our Turncoat, but he is still a Turncoat. The best thing about the article was Senator Session's remark

"For people to fundamentally expect somebody, because of their ethnic background, to act one way or the other, is wrong, "said Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), a leading critic of the DREAM Act. "Each of us should try to serve the national interest"

Jeff Sessions - now there's a thought!

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