New DNC Chair: More Hispanics Means We Win
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Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Further proof (if needed) that the Obama White House clique are fanatical and insular leftists is supplied by the selection of Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida to be Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Rival candidate ex-Governor Ted Strickland had the quadruple handicaps of being a straight white male and of Christian heritage, a rare type in the upper echelons of Obamadom. (Wrong place, wrong era, Ted)

Apart from being a political extremist - ADA ranking 100%, ACU ranking 0  - Wasserman Schultz is one of those arrogant feminists who refuse to take their husband's name. Greedily insisting on keeping her Congressional seat as well as the DNC job, she is also a fraudulent mother - her three children (youngest born in 2003) live with their father at the pretend marital home in Florida according to her campaign website. Not a profile which will appeal to many - maybe the Obamacrats think blondish hair is enough.

Her main legislative achievement appears to be the establishment with former and unlamented Senator Arlen Specter of the ethnic triumphalist Jewish American Heritage Month.

Needless to say, W-S has a NumbersUSA grade of F- and she has a clear idea of what immigration means for America: Election victories for Democrats!.

Asked about the strategic challenges her party faces in facing a redistricting of the country largely controlled by Republican statehouses and an electoral map more hostile to her party's fortunes, Wasserman-Schultz emphasized the crucial missteps she believed Republicans had made with Hispanic voters and the so-called browning of the American electorate.

"...if you look at the demographics," she said, "Republicans haven't exactly embraced Hispanic voters." "I think a lot of the districts will have more higher Latino populations than we saw in the last census. I think the Hispanic vote is going to be a significant factor in the next election," said the Florida congresswoman. "I think we're in great shape."

Wasserman-Schultz hits Walker, 'ultra-wealthy' in first appearance Ben Smith Politico April 05, 2011

I suppose at least she is thinking about America rather than Israel.

DNC to White America: We don't need you.

What is the GOP waiting for?

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