POLITICO: [Areas Producing] Turkeys Voted For Trump. VDARE.COM: Because of Excessive Immigration
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Politico’s Steven Shepard probably thought it simply amusing to write How Trump roasted Clinton in turkey country 11/24/16, which was subtitled Donald Trump won the nation's top turkey-producing areas by a landslide.

Figures, right? Lots of Turkeys = lots of Trump voters! Haw, haw! Please pass the Chablis.

The essay is exhaustively documented and the numbers are indeed impressive:

In the vast, mostly rural western Minnesota district that ranks as the No. 1 turkey-producing congressional district in the nation…Trump proved especially popular. While John McCain won [the] district by 3 points, followed by a 10-point Romney win, Trump won there by 31 points.
In fact the story is a perfect illustration of what in VDARE.com’s view won Trump the GOP nomination and the Presidency: popular outrage about excessive socially disruptive immigration.

Strands of evidence of this exist in the huge fact dump of the story, but Shepard either lacked the acumen or was too afraid of offending his editors to draw the conclusion.

DTN/The Progressive Farmer…magazine wrote: “Rural America is fed up with immigration changing the dynamics of their communities.
The actual Turkey growers have a different perspective of course:
Steve Olson, the executive director of the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association…said… the Minnesota turkey industry’s goals don’t always align with Trump’s.

We’re in favor of immigration,” Olson said. “We’ve got job opportunities for people, so bringing people in from other countries to do that job is of interest.”

… “The counties where we’ve got a lot of turkey plants, we’ve got a lot of diversity,” Olson said. “We’ve got a large Somali population, a large Hispanic population, a large [Eastern] European population.”

VDARE.com emphasis. [Email Steve Olsen to complain of this selfish irresponsibility]

As I discussed in N.C.'s Easley: Another Immigration Turkey the nation’s meatpackers have seized on the influx of illegals and refugees over the past generation to undercut local labor markets even in remote small towns,  putting off technically practical automation and corrupting local politicians to repress local opposition and forestall any possible Washington interference.

Meantime the local residents were left to face a seriously damaged employment market, overwhelmed schools crippled by numbers and the new need to teach in many languages, swamped health facilities, higher local taxes and much more dangerous and uglier streets.

Extremely rarely, citizens overcame obstruction by local Pols and took steps to defend themselves. A Victory! Fremont NE Patriots Crush Cheap Labor Lobby Counter Attack February 15, 2014 discussed the survival by referendum of a ban on renting to illegals crafted (of course) by Kris Kobach.

More typical of the political process, Fremont resident Ben Sasse avoided any involvement in this issue or immigration generally in his successful run for the U.S. Senate that year. This year he emerged as possibly the most rigid Never Trumper.

Trump carried Dodge County, where Fremont is located, with 64% of the vote.

The matter is plain: residents of the Turkey areas, like the Meatpacking areas generally, have been devastated by excessive low-skilled immigration, much of it illegal and very alien. Their elected officials betrayed them.

So they have seized the Trump Wrecking Ball.

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