Pew: Trump's Share Of Hispanic Vote Rose From 28% To 38%
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Here’s the final report on the 2020 election from the Pew center:

Trump increased his share of the Hispanic vote from a not bad 28% in 2016, comparable to what McCain and Romney drew, to a quite good 38% in 2020, likely better than Hispanophile George W. Bush in 2000 and only a little behind Bush’s 40-41% during the Housing Bubble of 2004.

Since the 1990s, we’ve been lectured that only complete enthusiasm for mass migration from Latin America can possibly save the GOP.

But it’s almost as if when journalists call up the Center for Anti-Gringo Wokeness think tank to get a quote from a Latinx Studies major on how Republican reluctance to fully open the borders is dooming the GOP forever, they aren’t getting quite the straight story on how Mexican-Americans feel.

Ironically, Hispanic voters really liked Trump’s personality. He reminds them of the tall blond Conquistador they’d defer to back home. They liked his tastes in decor, women, and vocabulary.

Few white liberals saw this coming when they demanded more Latino immigration.

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