Peter Brimelow Says: Don't Let Baltimore Be America's Future—Give (Tax-Deductibly) To!
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Affirmative[1] Editor Peter Brimelow and John Derbyshire For the Affirmative: The American Political System CAN Solve The Race Problem—For A Given Meaning Of “Solve”’s Spring Fundraiser is within a couple of thousand dollars of its $40,000 goal. (Hard to tell exactly because snail mail is erratic). One good day could get us there—please help us (tax-deductibly) now!)

No-one can be happy at outbreaks like the current Baltimore race riots, if only because it offers a vision of America’s possible future as Washington’s immigration policy drives whites into a minority.

But for, these moments are bittersweet. They always bring us great spikes in traffic. Quite obviously, Americans simply don’t believe what the Main Stream Media tells them about any race-related subject—whether it’s the Ferguson Farce, the year-long Trayvon Martin Scam, blatantly orchestrated to stimulate turnout in the Presidential election, or just the identity of criminals, etc. etc.

So Americans look to the non-Politically Correct alternative media for the truth—and for solutions, which is why we posted Yes, BALTIMORE SUN, There Is A “Baltimore Riot.” And The Answer (Again) Is Ruthless Coercion on Monday night.

Americans are also skeptical of what the MSM tells them about the post-1965 Immigration Disaster. That’s clear from the comment threads on pro-immigration articles even on Leftist outlets.

But, apart from an enlightened vanguard, the intensity, and outrage, is not yet as widespread or spontaneous as it is with America’s long-established race problem and the associated mendacity of MSM and the entire political elite.

This is tragic, because America’s immigration disaster can still be halted. And there is also much that can be salvaged from the wreck.

The plain fact is that most Americans still don’t know, for example, that Washington has continued to permit over a million legal immigrants to enter the U.S. right through the greatest recession in eighty years, seizing essentially all the new jobs created during the recovery.

At, we believe the truth shall set us free. We aim to inform Americans about their immigration disaster—and, yes, to explain why they should be intensely outraged.

We can only do it with your help. PLEASE give generously and help us reach our goal quickly.

All of us at will be profoundly grateful.

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