NYT: "Being Less Tough on Crime Is 2016 Consensus"
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Screen capture from Grand Theft Obama

From today’s NYT:

2016 Candidates Are United in Call to Alter Justice System

by Peter Baker

WASHINGTON — The last time a Clinton and a Bush ran for president, the country was awash in crime and the two parties were competing to show who could be tougher on murderers, rapists and drug dealers. Sentences were lengthened and new prisons sprouted up across the country.

But more than two decades later, declared and presumed candidates for president are competing over how to reverse what they see as the policy excesses of the 1990s and the mass incarceration that has followed. Democrats and Republicans alike are putting forth ideas to reduce the prison population and rethink a system that has locked up a generation of young men, particularly African-Americans.

How’s that bipartisan consensus working out so far?

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