Peter Brimelow On Georgia: "This Is McConnell's Disaster And He Needs To Resign Immediately"
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A brief Twitter thread, screenshotted to protect it from Twitter deletion. Click on images to go directly to stories.

The full comment referred to  the first tweet, from the Powerline blog post The Georgia runoffs [Updated], is, from commenter Armant:

If you didn't see this coming you were delusional. From the start Republicans did not take these races seriously. And that goes for conservative media as well including this site. Just think: in the week leading up to these races all three of Fox News' primetime hosts (Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham) were on vacation leaving their shows to hosts who spent very little time on the runoffs.

This is McConnell's disaster and he needs to resign immediately. He's the one who pushed for the RINO governors of both Arizona and Georgia to nominate McSally (who just got beat in 2018 and excites no one), and Loeffler (the wife of the New York stock exchange accused of insider trading during the pandemic). When Collins decided to challenge Loeffler, McConnell's Senate Leadership PAC concentrated all their resources on taking out Collins instead of focusing on Warnock's many scandals. If that sounds at all familiar, that's because it was McConnell's Senate Majority PAC that also went after Mo Brooks in Alabama's senate special election. And look how that turned out as well. And that doesn't even include the stimulus checks debacle.

McConnell needs to be run out of office like now.

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