Peter Brimelow Broods About Technological Progress,'s Outages, And The Trials Of Internet Fundraising
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It must be twenty years since the black conservative economist Tom Sowell (whose long-running column in Forbes Magazine began because my profile of him so fascinated Forbes’ great Editor James W. Michaels) pointed out mordantly that every “advance” in word processing software etc. actually meant you could actually do less than you could before.

(I still miss Word Perfect!)

Well, that’s how we’re feeling here at We’ve expended enormous time and effort to devise a system that would enable us to avoid having to close the website to our most loyal donors during our fundraising drives.

The result: we still don’t have the system—and has been completely offline for several days.

A witty FaceBook friend wrote:

Shouldn't have hired CGI to create the VDARE donation drive app! Didn't you learn from the Obamacare debacle?

And one of our regular trolls wrote:

Hire a techie from India to fix it. Ha Ha

Very funny.

I still remember when National Review‘s website, during the magazine’s all-too-brief immigration patriot phase, was taken down by Chinese hackers.

The good news: our readers have stuck with us through this difficult period, God bless them every one. After a stall, our fundraising has continued to limp forward.

Remember: we do have to pay writers for theose unique, Politically Incorrect, insights.

The internet is a gift from God, allowing us to break free of the Main Stream Media’s ideological monopoly. will continue to struggle with its teething troubles. We hope our readers will continue to help us.

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