Immigrant Bomb-Threat Syndrome: A New Category?
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Eldo Kim, Korean Immigrant Eldo Kim, a  Harvard University sophomore who apparently felt unprepared for the final exam in his GOVERNMENT 1368: "The Politics of American Education" course [heh — why wasn't the course simply titled "American Education"?] emailed in a bomb threat shortly before the exam, scheduled for 9 a.m., Monday, December 16. 

According to Harvard's student paper:

Kim could face a maximum five years in prison, three years of supervised release, and a $250,000 fine if charged under the bomb hoax statute, according to a press release by the Boston U.S. District Attorney’s office.

 According to an affidavit filed with the office, Kim told authorities he was “motivated by a desire to avoid a final exam scheduled to be held on [Monday].” Kim was present for that exam, which was held in Emerson Hall at 9 a.m., when the fire alarm went off, the affidavit says.

“According to KIM, upon hearing the alarm, he knew that his plan had worked,” the affidavit reads.

[Harvard Sophomore Charged in Bomb Threat, by Nicholas Fandos, December 18, 2013]

This whiz kid's "plan" resulted in the evacuation of four buildings on campus and the consequent delay of several final exams besides that for GOV 1368.  

But the plan didn't have much staying power: Despite the fact that Kim had covered his tracks by using Guerilla Mail, "a free online application that generates temporary anonymous email addresses" and "a free application called TOR, which generates a random anonymous IP address for temporary use that is difficult for law enforcement to trace ... authorities were able to determine that Kim had accessed TOR on the Harvard network before sending the email."

A follow-up Crimson article (Eldo Kim ’16 Described as Bright, Studious, Kind, by Madeline Conway and Brianna MacGregor, December 18, 2013) provides a bit of Kim's background:

Kim is not listed on the Harvard College Facebook or the University’s online directory. His entry in the freshman register for the Class of 2016 says he hails from Seoul, South Korea, and attended Kamiak High School in Mukilteo, Wash.

And according to the Associated Press (Harvard University student, alleged bomb hoaxer, released on $100K bail, New York Daily News, December 18, 2013), "A cached version of his LinkedIn profile, which has been taken down, indicates that he did several internships in South Korea."

Hmmm.  Internships in the land of his nativity.  A bomb threat to get out of taking an exam in a cream-puff course.  Yawn ... just another well-assimilated immigrant.  Let's invite lots more!

[ note: Previous Immigrant bomb-threats noted as such by us, but not the MSM:A Reader Says That While One International Student Made A Bomb Threat, A Million International Students Are A Time Bomb, and Chinese Doctor Calls In Bomb Threat—Press Calls Him "Tennessean"]

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