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Peter Brimelow And Daughter KariaOur Spring Appeal keeps stopping and starting in the most alarming way, but (thanks to the generosity of readers) we’re now over halfway to our $30,000 goal—and we haven’t had to close yet. Please help us to keep open in this time of crisis.

In a couple of days, Schumer-Rubio Amnesty/ Immigration Surge Bill will probably pass [Update: Has already passed!] the Democrat-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee. There will be ululations from the Treason Lobby and the Main Stream Media (same thing, really).  The GOP leadership will probably panic. will point out again that We’ve Been Here Before—and survived.

Today (May 21), some 150 “conservative leaders” finally published a petition opposing Schumer-Rubio. I was not asked to sign and I don’t see columnists Ann Coulter or Patrick J. Buchanan there either, which I take to be a mark of our effectiveness. 

Because this petition makes no mention of the vast increase in legal immigration that is being smuggled through along with Amnesty (which why always refers to it as the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill) something I, along with Coulter and Buchanan, have repeatedly emphasized.  But many of the petition signers are just Conservatism Inc. hacks. They would be perfectly happy to see more cheap labor imported—if they/ the GOP got the credit (and the donations).

I truly believe that at we have identified the key issue of our time—the one public policy that will most impact the life of our children—like my daughter Karia, pictured earlier this month, who will be just 28 in 2040, when current immigration policy is scheduled to engineer America’s founding people into a minority.

Donations are tax-deductible. Please click here—and help us save America.

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