Paul's GOP Convention Exclusion: NeoCons Flaunt Control. Romneycans Flaunt Stupidity.
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According to the Houston Chronicle Paul won't get speaking slot at GOP confab  (By Stewart M. Powell  July 16 2012)

Insulting Paul’s supporters, a highly-motivated and substantial segment of potential GOP voters, is of course crazy as we have said before: even a Talking Head house-broken enough to be allowed on the MSM has dared to say it too:

Mitt Romney's campaign needs the backing of Ron Paul's fervent supporters if he wants to have a chance of beating President Barack Obama, prominent conservative thinker Max Pappas told Sean Hannity on his Fox News show…

Pappas made a point that hasn't been voiced very often in mainstream media discussions of the Mitt Romney veepstakes: and that is that the backing of Ron Paul's supporters will be critical to Romney's re-election campaign

Ron Paul Supporters Essential To Mitt Romney Candidacy, Fox News Guest Says International Business Times July 16 2012

What this demonstrates of course is that the Neocons are in complete control: given Paul’s (futile) degeneration on immigration the only outstanding of serious contention is foreign policy. As the CBS debate atrocity demonstrated, their totalitarian tradition has triumphed and no dissidence or alternative opinion is to be allowed.

What this also demonstrates is that the Romneycans really are stupid. As with wimping out on Obama’s Administrative Amnesty, they seem to be sublimely happy to outrage key support elements.

Apparently they cannot comprehend that winning elections needs votes – not just money.

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