A Reader Says That Rubio Seems To Have Deleted REASONABLE Comments From His Web Page
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Re: James Fulford’s blog post Marco Rubio Versus The Internet–Let Him Know How He Can "Improve" Amnesty

From: An Anonymous Rubio Commenter [Email him]

You have noted that the comments posted on Sen. Rubio's website are overwhelmingly negative. It is equally interesting, however, to note that these are indeed comments and not suggestions or recommendations for improvements on the bill. Indeed, some of these comments approach ad hominem attacks on the character and intelligence of the Senator.

I find this interesting as my own comments to the Senator, couched in neutral but clear terms (outlining the failure of the bill to address some of the most egregious failures of our immigration system, such as chain migration, birthright citizenship and "birth tourism", the financial burden to the taxpayer and, not insignificantly the potential effect of increasing the numbers of persons eligible for affirmative action in hiring and university admissions, refugee visas, etc.) appear to have been deleted from the site.

It is a simple task to dismiss the comments that appear as the sour grapes of right-wing intransigents. It is far more difficult to address the absence in this bill of measures to resolve some of the most abused elements of current law.

Were the general public to be aware of the nature of these abuses the discourse on immigration would be shifted significantly towards restriction. Sen. Rubio can quite handily dismiss questions of his naiveté. What he cannot afford, however, is the possibility that certain uncomfortable issues enter the discourse at all. Better to play the good-natured rube in a conversation of limited bounds.

One can only hope, evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, that the Senator is more intelligent than he may appear, and that these comments be a welcome pretext for him to withdraw his own support for the bill: he tried valiantly, he reached out to the opposition, but the people have spoken.

James Fulford writes: The comments have been stuck at 147 since I posted this afternoon, so I believe Rubio has turned off all comments, not just reasonable ones. By the way, ad hominem attacks on the character and intelligence of the Senator are fine with us [See Rubio's Website Immigration Comment Fiasco: Proves He's Dumb] but I realize that, addressed to him directly,  they wouldn’t  be persuasive.

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