Patriotic Legal Victory: California Sanctuary State Law Tossed Out
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California remains, however tenuously, a part of these United States. A court ruled late last week that a state law which prevented local officials from asking about suspects' immigration status violated cities' rights to local country. As a result, the Trump Administration has been given a green light for tougher immigration enforcement. 

The ruling could boost federal immigration enforcement efforts, by giving the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency more access to certain local jails. Prior to SB 54, federal immigration agents routinely received space within local prisons and jails when they requested, as part of enforcement efforts to identify and transfer immigrants with certain felonies to federal custody.
[Setback for local California sanctuary law may boost Trump's tough immigration enforcement effortsby Jeff Daniels, CNBC, September 29, 2018]

The spin in the headline is misleading. This wasn't a defeat for localism so much as it was a victory for localities that want to enforce immigration laws and were prevented from doing so by the state government. We at have urged the Trump Administration to take action against certain state officials and work with conservatives to, in effect, reconquer the state. Now, there's another path to doing this. 

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