Patriot Professor John Eastman Out At Chapman University Because He Spoke At Trump Rally
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Via Instapundit:

Well, if you’re a lefty you can be an unrepentant terror-bomber and get a cushy slot at a top university. But if you peacefully speak at a rally for the right, well, you get this: Law Prof John Eastman Retires From Chapman ‘Effective Immediately’ Amidst Uproar Over Speaking At Trump Rally Last Wednesday.

“Participating in a pro-Trump rally” is now a crime, apparently.

From TaxProf Blog:

More than 160 Chapman faculty members had signed a letter calling for the university’s faculty senate, provost, president and law school dean to take action against Eastman, including stripping him of his endowed professorship and removing him from teaching students.

Eastman was a professor who knew the score on the "Birthright Citizenship" thing, as well as the Kritarchs who fought the Travel Ban. (The Supreme Court agreed with him—and Trump—on the latter issue. )

See our various references to him here, and see SSRN-Born in the U.S.A.? Rethinking Birthright Citizenship in the Wake of 9/11 by John Eastman, June 1, 2006.

Meanwhile, as Instapundit noted, terror bombers Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn got professorships, and so did Angela Davis and Maulana Karenga.

John Eastman, however, is a white guy who supported the elected President, so he loses his job.

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