Pakistani Muslim Agrees: Muslim Immigration Bad Idea
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Tuisian "Refugee" comments on European Immigration policies

Tunisian "Refugee" comments on European Immigration policies


A blogger associated with the Pakistani newspaper The Express Tribune has published an impressively honest comment on Europe’s reaction to the North African refugee threat: Muslim immigrants: A cold shoulder for a bad reputation by Aarish Jamil April 16 2011

After a clear summary of the reluctance of Italy’s EU partners to take a portion of the recent influx, he concludes

"I feel that as Muslims, we have ourselves to blame for being so corrupt and deceiving that no one wants to give us refuge, even during dire situations.

Muslim communities in European countries have always had a huge share in illegal activities. Another important factor for reluctance is the burden that immigrants can be on the economy. More people are losing jobs in these countries and it will be difficult for the government to provide a means of income for everyone.

Let’s face it, as Pakistanis, we are not ready to take in Afghan immigrants because of the worsening law and order situation and the impact that an influx would have on our economy.

We can’t blame the Europeans for sharing the same concerns."

In other words, he sympathizes with the reasons The Australian’s Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan publicly called for a halt to Muslim immigration into his country.

As I write this, most of the comments appear to have been posted by Pakistanis. Generally they are remarkably approving. A particularly interesting one was posted by “Hassan”

"Muslim immigration story follows a familiar pattern and it is really eye-opening.

First muslims, mostly labourers, electricians and plumbers and other manual workers, land in as immigrants. They all live in a mohalla together. They keep to themselves, not mingling with the people of the host country. Other country men think, ‘hey, they are harmless people minding their own business’. So far, good.

Now, the number of people in mohalla swell up and there is a need for a mosque. Government thinks, ‘hey, they are harmless people, let’s allot some land and let them have their prayer rooms. They mind their own business, they have strange customs these nice immigrants’ !! So far, so good.

Now, the numbers swell up more, as the mosque means more immigrations. Mullahs, his relatives, more collateral immigration from other muslim countries. Segregated schools, more teachers, more doctors and engineers. People now want halal food and they hate the food of their host country. Government says, ‘hey, they are harmless guys, so let them have halal food, what the heck’ !!

Halal food means more immigration from other muslim countries. The number of faithful swells up and now there is demand for more mosques and more land. Government says, ‘hmmm, they looked harmless before, so why not’…they allot land or sell land for more mosques.

More mosques, mean more mullahs and more collateral immigration and the numbers are much more. Now the faithful don’t like the people of host country wandering near their mohalla in haraam dresses. Whatever the host countrymen do, it is disrespectful of the religious practices. The faithful object to their women, object to their songs and dances and their culture, and object to their history and object to their education.

Now that the immigration have achieved the critical mass, they now vehemently object to the very way of life in the host country that attracted them in the first place.

At this point, immigrants step up their demands: ‘we don’t like the laws of your country, so can we have our own shariah please?”

Government of the host country wakes up, and now tells the immigrants; ‘hey, we allowed you in because we took pity on you, you can’t do this to us.’

But, alas, it is too late. Now the Ummah steps in.
Ummah says, ‘If you do or say anything against our community, you should be prepared for the consequences !!’

Government of the host country is concerned but it can’t show its face of fear. But the countrymen are scared. And if they say anything about why they are scared, they run the risk of being called Racist or Islamaphobist etc…So they’re forced to take a stand.

The stand of telling the immigrants, hey, this is where we draw the line….I guess France is at this point now…"

Europe and Australia are well along in this process. Already Somalis make it relevant to America. And the Treason Lobby is getting ready to seize the Libyan opportunity.


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