Oprah: "The Other O" in 2016?
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Oprah: "The Other O" in 2016?
A reader who is either paranoid or brilliant or both calls my attention to a Hollywood Reporter story:
She's hitting the road again.
Harpo Studios, O, The Oprah Magazine, OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network and William Morris Endeavor Entertainment announced today the Fall 2014 launch of "Oprah's The Life You Want Weekend."
It's an eight-city arena tour and "transformational weekend" featuring Oprah and some special guests.
"All of my life I have wanted to lead people to an empathy space. To a gratitude space," says Oprah in the announcement release. "I want us all to fulfill our greatest potential. To find our calling, and summon the courage to live it."
As one of the few surviving men to have experienced being in the studio audience of an Oprah show while free stuff is being given out, my reader writes:
Oprah POTUS ... I think this is a trial balloon and the Canada tour [in 2013] was to polish her game. Lots of red, white and blue, stars and strong suggestion in that article image! ... I don't think Hillary can get it done in 2016, but we will know better after this November what the general sentiment is toward the real conservatives.  I am closely watching the "other O" for signals and this is a bit conspicuous to me.  On the backside of 2003, I am pretty sure Oprah can get a huge chunk of white-woman votes.
Having spent about 15 seconds in The Presence in 1987, Oprah remains the greatest natural politician I've ever met.

Personally, I think a giant empire like modern America would be better off splitting the roles of ceremonial Head of State and utilitarian Head of Government, rather than in getting them all entwined. The Premier or whatever we'd call him would, in today's culture, typically be some senior black entertainment or athletic figure: James Earl Jones in the past, Morgan Freeman today, Oprah tomorrow, maybe David Robinson after her.

Instead, out of that urge, we elected a part time college professor to fill both jobs in a mediocre fashion.

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