One Old Vet Amnesty Story Collection: Saturday 17, Sunday 8; Drudge 0. Treason Lobby In Stealth Mode?
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H/T One Old Vet

On Saturday evening One Old Vet posted a compendium of 17 Amnesty related stories, followed very early this morning by another 8.

The MSM shut-out of Patriotic statements remains almost total. All most all the stories are Treason Lobby cheerleading – the one exception OOV found was actually a letter:

Once the new immigration law, granting amnesty, takes effect, newly legalized immigrants will be entering colleges in very high numbers. Colleges will salivate at this prospect because they will be able to easily meet and exceed their "minority" quotas.

The heaviest negative impact will fall on white males. White guys don't benefit from so-called diversity programs.

Immigration amnesty will just cause bigger problems by Eugene Thomas Marion Va Friday March 8, 2013

This is certainly not because Patriots do not want to register strong opinions. A typical piece of Amnesty propaganda from Saturday Immigration reform crucial to Midwest, study finds by Georgia Pabst Milwaukee Journal Sentinel March 7, 2013 attracted blistering responses

D Francis  Which Conservatives have turned traitor on American principles?

...Why are we not surprised that many in our government are so corrupt that big business can buy their favors, so that they can hire discount labor and lower wages for the most most vunerable people in our country. Immigration supplies over one million people to the U.S. population annually. The roughly estimated foreign-born population in the U.S. is now 31.1 million, a record 57 percent increase since 1990. About 8-11 million of those are here illegally—a 4.5 million increase since 1990. Almost one-third of all immigration during the 1990s was illegal. It is very unwise to believe that we only have 11 million in our nation but with the possibility of Amnesty, the Border Patrol has reported a sudden increase in the illegal immigration invaders. In post-1990 immigrants and their children accounted for 61 percent of population growth during the last decade and counting.

(Francis posted several excellent comments)


...The people with no regard for the law, who hopped the boarder and broke our laws upon entering, should be RFID tagged and sent right back over, preferably from 30,000 feet.

Immigration reform, cannot contain "amnesty".

The Journal Sentinel seems to have responded to this by closing the comment thread.

Some of the cheerleading is (no doubt inadvertently) useful, for instance from today’s selection this evisceration of Jeb Bush PolitiFact: Has Jeb Bush flip-flopped on immigration and a pathway to citizenship? Molly Moorhead Tampa Bay Times Saturday, March 9, 2013

Debbie Wasserman Schultz said Bush has made a "flip-flop-flip" on immigration. Here's a quick chronology:

• Early in his political life, Bush said America should "start deporting people."

• Sometime between 2009 and 2012, he "flipped" to being in favor of a path to citizenship. He supported federal legislation in 2007 that allowed children of illegal immigrants to become citizens and wrote that Republicans should adopt a more welcoming approach.

• His "flop" came this month with the release of his book, in which he opposed citizenship, calling it an "undeserving reward" for people who came here illegally.

• That was followed by a quick "flip" back to support of citizenship or permanent legal status.

We rate the claim True.

The revolting Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a vicious enemy of the American nation. But objectively is she any worse than the Bushes?

Why the number of stories One Old Vet is going down should be recognized. It is the same reason as The Drudge Report has carried nothing since taking down the Colorado Illegal Alien college tuition subsidy news early on Saturday evening and why the Gang of 8 is hiding its Bill.

The Amnesty Push is going into Stealth mode. The Treason Lobby is afraid of the American reaction.

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