Olympic Opening Ceremony Makes Britain A Worldwide Laughing Stock: Thanks, U.K. Elite.
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I did not watch the Olympic opening ceremony but I realized it was pretty bad when I started getting text messages from politically unenlightened relatives saying how silly they thought it was, and inquiring after my blood pressure. Britain’s political elite seems to have attracted worldwide derision by boasting about the disaster it has created.

The excellent young blog The Big Lie on Parade has an well-illustrated discussion here

Besides the fact that is was pure leftist propaganda, the multicultural theme throughout was ridiculous. If one did not know any better they would assume that the UK was around 70% black, 20% Muslim and Indian and 10% white.

and a penetrating afterthought here

I was searching my brain trying to figure out what the Olympic opening ceremonies reminded me of? And then it hit me. That now infamous scene in the Matrix Re-Loaded of the race mixing pseudo dance/orgy. This is what the UK chose to show to the world as a representation of modern Britain. A couple of solid hours of non-stop drumming and miscegenation mixed in with the industrial revolution, Mary Poppins and the NHS. So, if you really wanted to watch the opening ceremonies but didn't have the time? Just watch this clip a few times and you might get the idea.

complete to a link to the film segment mentioned.

Larry Auster is his usual restrained and moderate self:

The London Olympics opening ceremony; or, the maggots in the corpse of a once-great nation

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