Oct 21: Rasmussen Repeats—Romney's White Share At 59%; Gallup Repeats—Overall Lead Growing. Could This Be It (Again)?
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On the whole, Romney got the better of the national polls today (October 21), and Rasmussen repeated its estimate of his share of the white vote at a high (for him) 59%. The optimistic interpretation for Romney: Dick Morris is right that a decisive late swing is about to begin, as with Reagan in 1980. If so, it will be powered by whites. Remember, the Congressional GOP got 60% in 2010. More white share comparisons here—scroll down.

Any such trend won't be reported in the Main Stream Media. Thus neither the Wall Street Journal nor NBC mentioned the racial breakdown in their first excited reports this morning that their poll now shows a Romney-Obama tie. The full poll will be released in a few hours: we'll update if these  forbidden facts are included.

Remember that it's looked like a Romney breakthrough was about to happen before. And one poll, IBD/TIPP, is moving sharply the other way, both in terms of overall lead and white share.


  • Gallup (October 21) shows Romney increasing his lead, back to a very significant 7 points, at 52-45.

Gallup again did not publish its racial breakdown today. On Oct. 16, it showed Romney getting a record 61% white share. That translated into a four-point national lead over Obama.

  • Wall Street Journal/NBC News (Oct 21) shows Romney tied with Obama 47-47. He trailed by three and five points in late and early September respectively.
  • Rasmussen Reports (Oct. 21) shows Obama dropping a point, so that Romney is now two points ahead, 49-47.

Rasmussen's Premium Platinum subscribers learn that Romney's white share still at 59%, retaining its sudden jump yesterday. This seems to be the highest white share that Rasmussen has shown.

The one anti-Romney outlier:

  • IBD/ TIPP (Oct 21) shows Romney falling to his lowest level yet against Obama, 42.2-47.9.

IBD's commentary goes on about "moderates" and "urban dwellers," but the real story is Romney's white share: down to 51%, from 54% yesterday and 58% on October 10. This is big news, if true, and it's a damning condemnation of the MSM mindset that IBD is missing it in its own poll.

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