NBC/ Wall Street Journal Poll Does NOT Give Racial Breakdowns—Funny Thing
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I noted earlier today that the full NBC/ Wall Street Journal poll that caused such a stir by showing Mitt Romney and Obama in a 47-47 tie was being released this evening, and that I would check to see if it contained the racial breakdown that neither the NBC or Wall Street Journal reports mentioned this morning. Well, it's out (pdf) and it doesn't. Although the poll goes to the trouble to establish the races of its participants e.g. 74% white, it does not report the races' differing presidential preferences, although it obviously must have the data. Not cross-referencing race also renders many of its other survey questions, for example on gender and religion, essentially useless—thus white women are far more likely to support Romney than "women" in general.

It would be tempting to regard this as mere professional incompetence, except that it allows the Wall Street Journal to suppress evidence of the political disaster brought on by its fanatical and unscrupulous support for electing a new people.

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