Gabby Douglas's Hair And The "Borrowed Generation"
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One of the more baffling recent controversies has been over the hair of Olympic all around champion girl's gymnast Gabby Douglas. As far as I can figure out, she has been widely criticized on Twitter for not having her hair conked, but instead just taking her natural sub-Saharan hair and tying it back out of the way.

Why has the White Man been dumping on this poor black girl's hair? Well, obviously, virtually no straight white man has even noticed her hair, and those who have since been made aware of this burning issue have tended to approve of her spending the time practicing instead of messing about with noxious hair-straightening chemicals. 

Almost all the critics of her hair were presumably black, either black women or black gays. Douglas is a member of the Borrowed Generation, living with a white family in Iowa so she can train with a superstar coach. Presumably, her white hosts didn't get the crucial importance of a conk.

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