Fair Piece BY FAIR on Adminstrative Amnesty
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I complain a good deal about the studied ineffectuality of FAIR (the Federation For American Immigration Reform) so it is only decent to note when they do something well.

Policy Memo Provides Glimpse of How Administration will Carry-Out Its Backdoor Amnesty Nov 10, 2011 is a succinct discussion of the USCIS Nov 7th memo analyzed for us the previous day by Federale. It has some good phrases:

"Based on the policy guidelines laid out in the Morton memos, ICE is now where deportation cases go to die…

The memo demonstrates not only the Obama Administration’s unrelenting commitment to implementing executive amnesty, but also its strong-arming of all three of the agencies within the Department of Homeland Security to ensure compliance with its agenda. By refusing to issue NTAs (VDARE.com: Notices To Appear, the initiating step for deportation) to criminal aliens who do not meet the Administration’s “priorities,” the president shows a complete disregard for the rule of law and jeopardizes the safety of Americans."

Possibly if one spends one’s life hashing over the technical minutiae of manufacturing laws, seeing crude and blatant lawlessness like this is enraging just by itself.

Not enraging enough, it seems to stir up Congress. Since FAIR is too diplomatic to say so, I ask

Where is the GOP?

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