Obama Snubs Netanyahu: To Make Romney The Bloodshed Candidate?
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Insult you, win the election? Hmmm

Predictably a huge commotion has broken out about what may well be an inspired Obamacrat move: In unusual snub, Obama to avoid meeting with Netanyahu By Matt Spetalnick and Allyn Fisher-Ilan Reuters Wed Sep 12 The Drudge Report at present has no less than 5 stories on this at the top of the page.

Many will find it odd that the Administration has chosen now to engineer a squabble with the Israelis and their overweening supporters in America: but it could be genius.

My guess is that the Obama Campaign has digested the facts I discussed in Subservience To NeoCons Costing Romney White Blue Collar Women Vote

…in every state except Florida, the polls show that a significant gender gap has opened among working-class whites, with Obama performing much better among white women without a college education than blue-collar white men.

There is no doubt that this evening all Romney’s Consultants, dazzled by  visions of further torrents of Neocon money, will be urging him into vociferous denunciations of this news – further locking him into the toxic role of over-enthusiastic Bouncer for an unrestrained Israel.

As I noted, the trouble is 

American Blue Collar women know, not least through a myriad of fresh examples in their own neighborhoods, that it is their sons, husbands and brothers whose blood will flow if Romney attacks Iran.

As it is, the contemptuous treatment of the Paul people practically guarantees this significant slice of the white vote is going to abstain or vote third party. In fact listening to first minutes the blistering podcast “Romney’s Neocons” put up on LewRockwell.com this evening the strong impression emerges that the Isolationist faction of the movement could well wind up supporting Obama.

Increasingly it appears the Team Romney is out of its depth, and even stupid.

That is definitely not true of the Obama people.

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