Obama's Uncle Omar Illegally In Massachusetts
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It appears that President Obama’s uncle Omar Onyango has recently been arrested for drunk driving in Framingham, MA. Omar drove through a stop sign then nearly crashed into a police cruiser. [Cops: Illegal Immigrant Drove Drunk in Framingham, MetroWest Daily News, Norman Miller, August 26, 2011]

After the patrolman pulled “Uncle Omar” over, he blamed the officer for not yielding to him. According to the MetroWest Daily News, Uncle Omar flunked a sobriety test and then blew a 0.14 on the breathalyzer (the legal limit is 0.08).

Omar Onyango is, of course, in the country illegally, and has been for some 25 years. No word yet on whether he has kept in touch with Aunt Zeituni who still lives at taxpayer expense in Boston. But it sounds likely since Omar is already being represented by Zeituni’s high-profile immigration attorney, Margaret Wong.

Gov. Deval Patrick has been taking some heat for his decision to opt the state out of Secure Communities. Nicholas Guaman, an illegal alien of Ecuador, recently killed a motorcyclist, 23 year old Matthew Denise, in Milford. Denise had just graduated from college, while Guaman had just polished off a few six packs in the middle of the day. After hitting Denise, Guaman dragged him underneath his pickup truck for over a quarter of  a mile while frantic pedestrians shouted at him to stop.

When the police told Guaman that he killed someone, he reportedly just “shrugged.” Guaman has a long rap sheet including assaulting a police officer. He should’ve been deported many arrests ago. Nicholas Guaman is of no relation to Luis Guaman, another Ecuadorean illegal, charged with crushing the skulls of a woman and her two year old son in Brockton, MA earlier this year. Guaman dumped their bodies into a dumpster and fled back to Ecuador.

Two Massachusetts counties have openly ignored Deval Patrick and continue to participate in Secure Communities. After death, it looks like Worcester County will join them.

Will the GOP presidential contenders campaigning but an hour or so away in New Hampshire ever bring any this up?

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