Obama's Diversity Push In Air Traffic Controllers Is Eventually Going To Get People Killed
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Jared Taylor writes:

Think Twice Before You Fly

A “diverse” air traffic controller could kill you.

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives fly a lot by commercial airliner, including by smaller planes to get back to their far-flung districts. So after the last fatal commercial airliner crash in the U.S. in 2009, Congress raised the standards in terms of hours of experience needed to become a pilot. This likely had disparate impact on nonwhites becoming pilots, but we’re talking about airliner crashes here. There hasn’t been a fatal American commercial airliner crash in 14 years.

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration decided that there were not enough air traffic controllers of color and gender, so it 2014 it tossed the old test that measured competence in controlling airliners and replaced it with a personality test so that more blacks, Hispanics, and women would be hired. But higher percentages of the Diverse then flunked out of the training school. That’s one reason why we have shortages of air traffic controllers at most airports.

There have been increased reports of near misses over airports.

We solved the pilot problem not long ago by raising standards. Fortunately, that reform came before the Great Awokening, so the government just did the smart, effective thing without worrying about Diversity. But then came the Great Awokening around 2013, so the Obama Administration intentionally lowered the quality of air traffic controllers because too many competent ones are white men.

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