Airline Affirmative Action: You'd Think Elite Frequent Fliers Would CARE About Plane Crashes
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Earlier: United Airlines Declares War On Employing Predominately White Pilots

Generally speaking, elites take a lot of plane trips. So even at revolutionary sub-Saharan countries national airlines, they never yanked the stick from the hands of white pilots for political principles.

But American elites are getting so high on their own supply that they aren’t even fazed anymore by the increased chance of plowing into the ground at 400 mph. It’s racist to even think that lowering standards to let in more Diverse pilots might raise the risk of mass death. And, besides, real soon now robots will do all the flying, so pilots are just going to be totally symbolic, right? And what’s more important than symbolism? Ours is now the Symbolic Society where all that matters is getting more of the Good People and fewer of the Bad People in positions of respect.

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