Obama Regime Will Accept And Support The California Amnesty—Be Afraid
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Be Very Afraid. The Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty has hit the States and California is stepping up to the plate. While some like Brenda Walker at VDare think that California is just trying to get the amnesty in before Obama is removed, it is more likely that this State amnesty is part of the Obama Regime Amnesty.

The clue is that just as the Regime is implementing the DREAM Act, a piece of legislation repeatedly defeated in Congress, the Regime will similarly have no qualms on implementing a State amnesty as the Constitution is no bar to their misconduct.

Sacramento Bee December 2, 2011 by Jim Sanders

Nearly 1 million undocumented immigrants could live and work openly in California with little or no fear of deportation under an initiative unveiled Friday by a state legislator and others.
Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes, a Democrat, is helping to spearhead the measure, called the California Opportunity and Prosperity Act...
Fuentes called the measure a "moderate, common-sense approach" necessitated by the federal government's inability to pass comprehensive immigration reform.
"I hope this shows Washington, D.C., that if they fail to act, California will take the lead on this critical issue," Fuentes said in a written statement.
Another clue to the perfidy of the Regime is that as in the case of the Utah State Amnesty, the Regime is challenging the enforcement aspects of Utah's amnesty, not the amnesty itself.
While the DOJ freely criticized the State's enforcement measures, the DOJ also stated it would not be challenging two Utah guest worker bills signed into law last spring, H.B. 116 and H.B. 469, despite acknowledging in its release that federal law "clearly" preempts these measures. "Given that the provisions do not take effect until 2013, and in light of the constructive conversations the department continues to have with Utah officials about these provisions pursuant to the Justice Department's long-standing policy of exploring resolution short of litigation before filing suit against a state, the department is not challenging these provisions today," the press release read.


It is perhaps a case of the States' tail wagging the Obama Regime dog, but the Obama Regime is perfectly capable of being led around by the nose by the left on amnesty. The Regime will accept and support the California Amnesty.

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