Ungrateful Asians
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They really hate white people, but are willing to pretend to be white when it benefits them. It seems that elite Universities have too many Asians, and some Asians are pretending to be white despite their contempt for whites and what they created out of the wilderness of the North American continent.

Associated Press December 3, 2011 by Jesse Washington

Some Asians' College Strategy: Don't Check 'Asian'

Lanya Olmstead was born in Florida to a mother who immigrated from Taiwan and an American father of Norwegian ancestry. Ethnically, she considers herself half Taiwanese and half Norwegian. But when applying to Harvard, Olmstead checked only one box for her race: white.

"I didn't want to put 'Asian' down," Olmstead says, "because my mom told me there's discrimination against Asians in the application process."

For years, many Asian-Americans have been convinced that it's harder for them to gain admission to the nation's top colleges...

Amalia Halikias is a Yale freshman whose mother was born in America to Chinese immigrants; her father is a Greek immigrant. She also checked only the "white" box on her application.

"As someone who was applying with relatively strong scores, I didn't want to be grouped into that stereotype," Halikias says. "I didn't want to be written off as one of the 1.4 billion Asians that were applying."

Her mother was "extremely encouraging" of that decision, Halikias says, even though she places a high value on preserving their Chinese heritage.

"Asian-American is more a scale or a gradient than a discrete combination . I think it's a choice," Halikias says.

Some hate, others are just in denial of their white heritage.

But leaving the Asian box blank felt wrong to Jodi Balfe, a Harvard freshman who was born in Korea and came here at age 3 with her Korean mother and white American father. She checked the box against the advice of her high school guidance counselor, teachers and friends.

"I felt very uncomfortable with the idea of trying to hide half of my ethnic background," Balfe says. "It's been a major influence on how I developed as a person. It felt like selling out, like selling too much of my soul."

Note that their mothers' instinctively knew that white culture treated them better as women that Asian culture. Hence they stepped up in life marrying a white American. It is sad though that White America built Black Run America, where colleges and universities practice racism to protect BRA. But as half-castes their lives in Asia would not be nice. Asians don't like mixed race people even more than American higher education dislikes Asians.

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