Obama Regime Continues To Lie To The Supreme Court
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Another important fact regarding the Obama Regime's apparent failure today at the Supreme Court is that they are continuing to lie to the Court regarding asylum seekers.

HuffPo April 25, 2012 by Mike Sacks

SB 1070: Supreme Court Appears To Favor Arizona On Controversial Immigration Law

Alito, too, appeared willing to maintain the lower court's blocking of the criminal sanctions. "We are told that there are some important categories of aliens," such as those with pending asylum applications, who "cannot obtain federal registration, and yet they are people that nobody would think should be removed," Alito said.

In fact, asylum seekers are issued immigration documents by the Federal government, and in any event, neither Arizona or any other State will be deporting any aliens. Once released from DHS custody, an asylum seeker is granted parole status, given a parole document, and given an employment authorization document. The Federal government will be doing that.  And an asylum seeker is not an asylum applicant until they file an application with the Federal government.  By definition those aliens are both known to the Federal government and are not removed until the asylum process is finished. 

The deportation of asylum seekers is a red herring.  And it appears that the Regime lied in its brief to the Court, stating explicitly that asylum seekers could be deported some how if an Arizona officer asks for their immigration papers, which an asylum seeker will in any event have.


Lies on top of lies.  What do you expect from Barack Hussein Obama?

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