NYT Search Suggestion: "Zemir Begic Murder Hammer"—But Still No Coverage
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Earlier, as noted by Instapundit and by Iowahawk below, there were no results for a New York Times search for Zemir Begic, a white man killed by black and Hispanic youths. His wife says he died protecting her. Last night, Steve Sailer and I both noted that there was now one story on Begic's death, an AP wire story which, in typical AP fashion, didn't say that the victim was white, and his killers black and Hispanic. See Zemir Begic–White Victim Of Minority “Youths” With Hammers—And The NEW YORK TIMES. That one story [Missouri: 3 Teenagers Arrested in Hammer Death, AP, December 1, 2014]  is still the only thing on the site that mentions it. (The search engine doesn't index comment threads.)

Instapundit has noted this:

UPDATE: Now they have a one-paragraph wire report that omits the race of the attackers.

Sometimes the NYT search engine returns irrelevant results:

But when I went to search this morning, the NYT's automated search suggestion system showed this:


So there are people searching the NYT for "zemir begic beating death" and "zemir begic murder hammer", they're just not getting any results.

Now would be a good time to cancel your subscription to the NYT—and donate to VDARE.com.

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