NYT: Police Shooting Of UNARMED Black Man Is Murky And Mysterious
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From the New York Times news section:

Videos of Jayland Walker Shooting by Police Raise More Questions

Mr. Walker’s family urged calm as protests continued in Akron, Ohio.

This isn’t 2020 when Trump was President, this is 2022, when Biden will get blamed for riots.

Officers Shot Unarmed Black Man More Than 60 Times, Police Say

The police chief in Akron, Ohio, said Jayland Walker was fatally shot by officers after fleeing a traffic stop. The police reported gunfire from Mr. Walker’s vehicle after attempting to pull him over but confirmed he was unarmed at the time he was chased on foot and killed.

By Daniel McGraw and Luke Vander Ploeg
July 3, 2022

AKRON, Ohio — A 25-year-old Black man who was killed last week by police officers in Akron, Ohio, suffered more than 60 gunshot wounds but was unarmed at the time, the police chief said Sunday.

That detail was among the facts that began to emerge

The reporters are proud that they managed to find and emphasize a Narrative-Affirming detail amidst all the Narrative-Subverting facts of the case.

in the killing of the man, Jayland Walker, who died last Monday after fleeing the police during what was supposed to be a routine traffic stop.

It’s almost as if cops have a reason for being antsy during routine traffic stops.

At a news conference on Sunday, the police released body camera videos of the pursuit and shooting that showed officers’ actions but deepened many questions around his death, which remains under investigation.

Mr. Walker had one traffic ticket and no criminal record. The police said they initially sought to pull him over for an equipment violation and a traffic violation.

Eight officers who were directly involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave according to department policy, the police said.

Following the release of the videos, hundreds of protesters marched in downtown Akron, demanding justice for Mr. Walker and decrying police violence, as Mr. Walker’s family urged the community to remain peaceful.

In one video, a popping sound can be heard at one point, and an officer reports gunfire coming from the door of Mr. Walker’s car. The shot itself is not visible from the footage, but during the news conference, footage from outside the car was shown that seemed to capture a muzzle flash coming from Mr. Walker’s driver’s side door.

The police said during the news conference that a handgun was later found in Mr. Walker’s car and that a bullet casing was found where they said he fired and that it was consistent with the weapon found in Mr. Walker’s vehicle. A still photo released by the police showed a handgun on the seat, along with a gold ring. Mr. Walker’s girlfriend died recently in a car accident.

We have to do something about all these black folks dying in traffic accidents, like persuading the cops to pull them over less for their bad driving. Oh, wait, the big surge in black traffic fatalities since George Floyd’s death hasn’t been worked into The Narrative yet, so Never Mind.

Bobby DiCello, a lawyer for the Walker family, said Mr. Walker had only recently obtained the gun. “Jayland was not familiar with firearms, and we do not know if it accidentally fired,” he said. “But police did find no bullets in the handgun when they found it in the car after his death.”

In the news conference, the police did not address whether the handgun in the car was unloaded but said there was a loaded magazine on the seat.

As the chase continued, the footage shows an officer saying that Mr. Walker’s car is slowing down. Seconds later, Mr. Walker, wearing a ski mask, exits the vehicle and begins to flee on foot.

The chase was brief, and footage appears to show a number of officers pursuing Mr. Walker, weapons drawn, into a nearby parking lot while shouting at him. Police officers had initially deployed Tasers but were unsuccessful, the police said. A few seconds later, the officers open fire, and Mr. Walker drops to the ground.

Stephen L. Mylett, the Akron police chief, said he wasn’t sure how many total shots had been fired at Mr. Walker. He could not confirm the exact number of bullets that struck him (though he cited the wounds reported by the medical examiner), but he anticipated the number would be “very high.”

Stephen L. Mylett, the Akron police chief, said he wasn’t sure how many shots were fired at Mr. Walker, but he anticipated the number would be “very high.”

When cops get into gun battles with ski mask–wearing desperadoes, why don’t they just do what President Biden tells them and shoot them once in the leg?

Here’s the cops’ version:

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