Is The Great Replacement A Theory Or A Law?
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Political historian Rick Perlstein tweeted:

So, yeah, Vivek just said the Great Replacement Theory is not a conspiracy theory.

I respond:

You are right, it’s more like the Great Replacement Law than the Great Replacement Theory. It’s an arithmetical tautology that importing Democratic-leaning ethnicities dilutes the voting power of native-born Republican-leaning ethnicities. Democrats are smart enough to know that.

Republicans, on the other hand, might not be smart enough to figure out what the Democrats are doing to them by not restricting immigration more unless somebody makes up a catchy name for them like “Great Replacement.”

Rick Perlstein responded:

How do you know what ethnicities will be “Democratic-leaning”?

I answered:

Surveys, exit polls, precincts, academic studies, expert opinion, etc etc etc etc

Perlstein answered:

The children of the immigrants who put FDR in power voted for Reagan.

I said in response:

FDR and Reagan were 48 years apart.

Democrats are always coming up with these hilarious rationalizations for why Republicans should trust them on immigration, like “Something might change to benefit you in just 48 years!”

Unamusingly, Republicans often fall for them.

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