NumbersUSA worried about Senate vote on DHS funding battle this afternoon
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No normal person can follow the Byzantine maneuverings of Congress, but NumbersUSA, which we generally find the most useful of the inside-the-Beltway immigration patriot groups, is alerting its members that, if the Senate fails to vote to conference with the House to reconcile the two versions of the DHS funding bill, House rules then allow any member of the House, including a Democrat, to bring up the "clean" i.e. neutered Senate version of the bill, which funds Obamnesty. This implication is that this could then be passed by the Democrats in alliance with GOP squishes.

This looks to me like a disastrous outcome for the GOP leadership, further proof that they were fools to eschew impeachment, which could not have been messier. But NumbersUSA is urging its members to call their Senators to make sure it doesn't happen.

The vote is this afternoon.

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