A Reader Agrees With Us That Nothing Short Of Impeachment Will Stop The Obamnesty
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Re: Peter Brimelow’s article Defund DHS, Reject Loretta Lynch—But Only Impeachment Will Stop Obamnesty

From: Allen Boyer [Email him]

Even if the Texas judge's injunction is made permanent, and even if Obama actually signs the DHS-sans-amnesty funding bill, Obama can STILL get all of what he wants.

Let's walk through this:

Obama’s Executive Action involves two things: Legal status that is forbearance from “deportation,” (even though an actual physical deportation is rare even under the normal legal order), and granting work permits.

The first part is easy to take care of, because deportations hardly happen anyway. Obama can rely on the normal legal process not deporting the people he doesn't want deported.

The second part is trickier, but Obama can get around that by telegraphing that in the absence of him being able to grant formal work permits, he’s merely going to disallow U.S. Attorneys from enforcing immigration law in the arena of the illegal hiring of illegal aliens either against the employers or the illegals.

Then in his last hour in office, if he fears his successor will actually be in the mood to enforce immigration law, and that's very unlikely, he can issue mass blanket pardons for the work-immigration law violations he let slide so that the next President can't prosecute them.

Brimelow is right. It has to be impeachment.

See an earlier letter from the same reader.

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