As Predicted, Boehner Not Interested In Impeachment—But Impeachment VERY Interested In Him. And The Democrats Are Secretly Scared.
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It’s happened again! Right after I wrote GOP Leadership Not Interested In Impeaching Obama (Or Doing Anything Else) But Impeachment Is Interested In Them, Boehner told the weekly GOP leadership press conference that he’s not considering the impeachment and that the Democrats are just talking the idea up to raise money: Boehner: Impeachment a Dem 'scam', by Cristina Marcos, The Hill, July 29, 2014.

Simultaneously, the reason Boehner can’t escape the impeachment issue was illustrated by the main story on the Politico webzine: Barack Obama's immigration moves could be unstoppable, by Josh Gerstein, July 29, 2014.

Gerstein’s agitational analysis, blatantly aimed at demoralizing immigration patriots, focuses entirely on Boehner’s silly lawsuit against Obama’s overreach (which focused entirely on Obamacare minutiae) and does not address the more appropriate remedy of impeachment. But Gerstein does show, no doubt inadvertently, that the GOP has simply no alternative to impeachment—because Obama absolutely intends to Elect A New People via coup d’état.

Of course the Democrats can raise money on the impeachment issue—but so could the GOP, in its (undeserved) default mode role as Generic American Party. Both sides can mobilize their bases on impeachment. But the GOP base a.k.a. the historic American nation is bigger…for now.

However, the GOP would have to ask. But the current leadership won’t, probably because it’s on the other side.

And the Democrats know they would lose a confrontation election. This is my interpretation of the high proportion of articles in the Democrat-controlled Main Stream Media that insist impeachment won’t work—not what they would say if they were only interested in shaking down their base.

Here’s an example that was # 1 on Yahoo News and the leftist magazine The Week’s websites this morning:  Yes, Republicans can impeach President Obama|But it would be a boneheaded move for numerous reasons, by Peter Brandus, July 29, 2014. Brandus described as “an award-winning member of the White House press corps” but his argument is utterly conventional (maybe that’s why!) and doesn’t mention the explosive dynamic of a trial in the Senate, effectively on the illegal immigration issue, in an election year.

Is Brandus really that stupid? Maybe. (Ask him).

But I think it’s more likely that all this trumpeting is a pre-emptive strike, designed to intimidate the GOP (who really are the Stupid Party) out of the one course of action that will save it—and the country.


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