NPR's GOP/Big Money Discussion: Historic Americans (And Their Interests) Not Allowed
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R Salam

Reihan Salam: Conservative representative?

Because I am deeply interested in the distorting and corrupting influence large donors are currently having on the Republican Party and the Conservative movement generally I took the time to listen to Big Money And The GOP ‘Civil War’ a 47 minute broadcast by NPR’s On Point with Tom Ashbrook. The guests were

Jim Rutenberg, national political reporter for the New York Times. Paul Blumenthal, political campaign and finance reporter for the Huffington Post and Reihan Salam, columnist for Reuters, lead writer for National Review’s “The Agenda” blog.

Basically the experience was a jarring reminder of the intellectual putrescence and ethical bankruptcy characteristic of America’s 21st century MSM.

The role of immigration or the Amnesty push was never mentioned. Sheldon Adelson who according to Propublica may have given $155 million and was by far the main donor to GOP-oriented recipients last year was mentioned only fleetingly as Newt Gingrich’s backer; he and his peers’ role in forcing Romney’s disastrous foreign policy and social issue stances was avoided and even the well-ventilated problem of loot-crazed Consultants steering Republican campaigns after the money rather than victory went ignored.

Indeed Ashbrook appeared quite unbriefed and, until corrected late in the program, kept saying that the Tea Parties' access to funding was the same as that of the “Moderates,” which is absurd (alas). 

Rutenberg and Blumenthal, predictably as inhabitants of the profoundly parochial Left/Jewish ghetto which dominates the MSM knew little about and had less interest in the subject of the show. The model used was simply Rich>Conservative>Right Wing which is of course utterly wrong and the only donors they wanted to discuss were the (Open Borders) Koch brothers. Pitiful to remember the concept of Limousine liberal is over 40 years old.

Reihan Salam the Brooklyn-born Harvard-educated Bangladeshi Nomenklatura recruit brought in to masquerade as a Republican/Conservative was even more irritating. Salam actually does know something about the class dynamics in the GOP having co-authored Grand New Party: How Republicans Can Win the Working Class and Save the American Dream. But he clearly realized that his was a Victor Davis Hanson role and filled his time with vapid wonkery.

America’s repressive MSM: None of the actual news is fit to print. 

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