Documentary Reveals Muslims’ Jihad Plans for America
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When filmmaker Steve Emerson called his documentary “The Grand Deception” he was referring to pro-jihad groups in America which pretend to be civil rights advocates for Muslims, but in fact support the tyrannical rule of Islam worldwide with the US being one part.

Emerson appeared on Fox News recently, with informative clips from the film. He pointed out how effective the Islamic stealth strategy has been, insinuating itself into the highest levels of power in both Democrat and Republican administrations. The jihadists have even been successful in getting the FBI to remove instructional materials called “offensive to Islam” that were actually useful teaching aids for agents to understand the enemy.

In 2009, a gaggle of Muslims performed the up-butt salute at the US Capitol. Do they see it as a future mosque?

Of course, it is diverse immigration that has admitted Muslims into our nation creating this threat. Followers of Islam are the historic 1400-year enemies of Christians, Jews and western beliefs, who spread their religion by the sword — join or be killed. It was a big mistake in public policy to welcome enemies which should end now.

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