Non-Tiger Mother Asian-Americans
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At Razib's blog, commenter Spike Gomes makes a sociological observation I found interesting about Asian-Americans below the Tiger Mother class:

In Hawaii and parts of the West Coast, there’s a sort of unified “lower middle-class” pan-Asian America (at least East and SE Asian American) urban youth culture forming. It’s partially informed by black culture, particularly the music and clothes, but quite unique in its own way, with it’s souped up and customized cars and motorcycles, illegal road racing, tech bling, pan-Asian random pastiche aesthetic and b-boy dance-offs. I have far too many cousins who are into that lifestyle.

I've seen a little bit of this sort of 95 IQ Asian-American youth culture. They don't get any attention because they don't cause much trouble unless they hit somebody while drag racing. 

Is there a name for this group that seems to center around Filipinos and Vietnamese, plus the lower half of the bell curve among Chinese, Koreans, and Japanese? How pan-East Asian is it?

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