Does Obama Plan to Welcome Dangerous Libyan Refugees to America?
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Wayne Simmons is a former CIA agent who is warning about the likelihood that Obama will bring thousands of Libyan refugees here. He was interviewed by Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Fox Business network April 11 (Bringing Al-Qaeda to Us).

Simmons certainly knows the problems associated with America’s refugee program, which has welcomed hostile and criminal groups into our midst in the name of national virtue. He remarked, ”We have allowed asylum for what has now become the single largest street gang in the world, MS-13.” He also noted that there are now 17 Somali gangs in this country, due to Washington’s misguided do-goodery.

Regarding the Libyans he said, ”It will not be long until the C-17s or perhaps commercial airlines will be coming in and out of McGuire Air Force Base and then right across the fence to Fort Dix. . . The big problem, Judge, is we don’t know who these people are. It is virtually impossible for us to run a background check on the majority of these people and that’s how a lot of these terrorists are allowed to slip into the United States.”

Even mainstream media have recognized that Libyan ”rebels” include many members of the Muslim Brotherhood, an anti-Western pro-caliphate group.

See also Refugee Resettlement Watch for background on the Libyan refugee issue.

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